Advin: Outstanding Value in Urine and Saliva Drug Testing with Flexible Branding and Specifications

Advin’sĀ urine and saliva drug testing products offer premium quality and performance including the fastest results and 60 minute result stability. Flexible labeling allows us to offer generic / unbranded products or custom labeling to promote a private brand. This line of products is perfect for law enforcement, workplace testing, and insurance companies


Our top-selling urine and saliva drug testing product

Generic, customizable cups, dipcards, and oral fluid testing devices

18+ Drugs can be detected in urine and 12 in saliva


Fastest drug test on the market: Negative results may be observed in less than one minute

Long line test line stability: Results stable for up to 60 minutes

Accurate cutoffs: Easy-to-read results at +/-50% cutoff using FDA cleared commercial controls

Used in criminal justice, employment testing, insurance, and medical rehab or pain management applications

The Drugs We Test

Our products test for all of the most popular drugs of abuse in a variety of combinations including all standard assays, as well as tests for EtG, Tramadol, Fentanyl, Ketamine, and the first US FDA cleared 6AM test. Our CLIA-waived and FDA-approved tests are customizable, to meet a wide range of cutoff levels and we keep pace with fast-paced industry needs by regularly introducing novel drug tests.

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