iSplit Cup / POCiT Cup

Revolutionary Drug Test Cups

Our new iSplit Cup and POCiT cup are examples of Advin’s focus on innovative engineering that result in improvements in the drug testing field. These designs remove steps in the lab and/or reduce shipping costs and storage footprint without the need for handling sharps or extra components. Both cups have patents pending and are exclusively available from Advin Biotech.

iSplit Cup: A Revolutionary Drug Test Cup

The iSplit cup is a new innovation from Advin Biotech.  Using no additional steps during collection, this cup reserves a pristine specimen which can be removed separately after the screening results are noted.  The small size and footprint of the pristine specimen vessel will reduce shipping costs to the laboratory for confirmation testing and reduce the refrigerated storage space required to retain the specimen according to law or quality systems.

POCiT: A Revolutionary Drug Test Cup

POCiT, our newest innovation, includes an integrated vessel that reserves a removable, pristine specimen, to be used for confirmation testing or stored in compliance with legal or regulatory requirements. Pain labs and other sites that yield high positive rates may benefit the most from this new feature, by reducing accessioning time dramatically and increasing efficiency. Other applications include the utilization of this collection system without a drug screen component for streamlined handling of collection and accessioning.


Innovative design reserves a pristine specimen with no additional steps

Reserved specimen vessel may go straight from the screening cup to LC/MS without the requirement to enter patient details before starting a session

Reduces storage space needed for retained specimens

Timing of Results

Fastest drug test on the market: negative results may be observed in less than 1 minute

Long test line stability: Results stable for up to 60 minutes


Accurate cutoffs: Easy-to-read results at +/-50% cutoff using U.S. FDA approved commercial controls

Available in hundreds of configurations depending on the intended field of use

The Drugs We Test

Our products test for all of the most popular drugs of abuse in a variety of combinations including all standard assays, as well as tests for EtG, Tramadol, Fentanyl, Ketamine, and the first US FDA cleared 6AM test. Our CLIA-waived and FDA-approved tests are customizable, to meet a wide range of cutoff levels and we keep pace with fast-paced industry needs by regularly introducing novel drug tests.

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